The main goal of this Tell Culver poll is to find out what customers think. Take this TellCulvers poll to find out how cultural differences affect the success of the international grocery store chain. 

This Tell Culver study is being done to find out if people are ready to try local foods that aren’t on the usual plates that Culvers serves at its stores around the world. 

An important part of your marketing plan is to use online polls. Going to and entering the survey code on the bill is all you need to do to finish the survey. 

TellCulvers com Survey - Get Free Ice Cream - TellCulvers Survey

To Complete The Culver Online Customer Satisfaction Survey

The online Culver’s customer happiness poll is short and easy to fill out. If all of those things are true for you, you can finish the study by following the steps below. This survey is also simple to do if you have a ticket from a Burger King Store. 

Go to or the website for the poll that is mentioned in the request.

On your Culver ticket, enter the 18-digit search code and TRN number where they say to do so. (Look at the picture of a model ticket on the right to see where these numbers are on your own receipt.)

  • Press the “Start” button.
  • Please rate how happy you were with your most recent visit to Culvers as a whole.
  • Check out the tour items you bought.
  • Then rate how happy you are with the team, the food, the order, the service, the price, and other things.
  • Please let me know if you had any problems during your trip.
  • Pick your chance and write your thoughts. 
  • If you want to remember the names of the team members who went above and beyond to help, write them down.
  • Pick the one that fits the main reason you’re going to Culvers the best. And, besides this trip, how many times have you been to Culvers in the last 30 days?
  • Pick how you want to order on this tour.
  • Give some information about yourself.
  • As soon as you finish the Culver Customer Satisfaction Survey, a proof code will show up on your screen.
  • To confirm the deal, enter the code from the Culver survey request letter.

When you make your next purchase, bring the protected ticket to the Culver spot where you got the survey request. You’ll get a free meal if you show it when you order.

Entry By Phone Call

Call (800) 984-8186 after shopping at Culvers to take the TellCulvers poll over the phone. When asked, enter the TellCulvers poll access code and keep going with the study.

Once you’ve answered all the questions, customer service will give you a validation code that you can use. There is a spot on your ticket for this code. You will need to put it there and then show your receipt at your next Culver’s visit to get your prize.